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SHOOTER'S EXCHANGE, is a unique company, specializing in the sale of firearms for the private owner/collector.

Shooter's Exchange utilizes the World Wide Web to ensure that your firearms find the "RIGHT GROUP OF QUALIFIED BUYERS.” We insure you get the best price, at the lowest cost to you as an owner. Technology along with proper marketing and great presentation means you have the best possibility of getting a good return on your investment.


Randy Hales, founder and President of Shooter's Exchange, has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. As an avid hunter, shooter, and lover of RIFLES, SHOTGUNS, and PISTOLS he has acquired many firearms over the years. He has years of experience in competitive skeet shooting and high end shotguns. When stricken with cancer, he decided to sell these weapons in case the treatments were not successful, so as not to burden his wife in having to deal with these guns.

Randy was disappointed to find that the average gun owner, with a big or small gun collection were being taken advantage of by almost all the different Gun Dealers, Auction Houses, and Gun Show Players. Based on those findings, and a continuing love of guns of all sorts, SHOOTERS EXCHANGE was founded.

In an effort to make sure the Consignee, gets the best possible information, a number of experts in different areas have been recruited to help, evaluate, and value the different items, Shotguns, Modern Rifles, Pistols, Antique Weapons, Military Weapons, and unique items. No one person can truly evaluate the multitude of different items. We will be glad to share the name, and expertise of the individual that help in evaluating your collection.


We are not a retail Gun Store. We buy estate guns. We sell estate guns. We don’t present your guns in competition with a new gun on our shelves. Your guns are featured in our store for the first two weeks, in addition to an email sent to our preferred buyer list. At the end of two weeks, once we have written descriptions and taken professional quality photographs of your gun collection, the guns are placed in an internet auction with reserve minimums, set by you to ensure you that we will not sell the guns for less then you expect. We manage the listing, provide experienced appraisals, insure secure packing and proper shipping or all weapons we manage. We also pay for ad promotion. This along with our years of experience marketing and selling guns online provide you the best possibility to get the price you want quickly and efficiently.

So contact us, tell us how we can help you and let us get you the right price for your firearm