Gunstock Refinishing Services

Let Shooter’s Exchange refinish the wood on your firearm and breathe new life into that older gun!

Refinishing the stock is necessary from time to time, to maintain or enhance your stock’s aesthetic value, functionality, and resistance to natural elements, like moisture and dust. There are many techniques for finishing or refinishing gunstocks, which differ depending on your aesthetic preference.

Our refinishing process consists of stripping the original finish, raising dents, scratches and dings, removing oil stains from the wood, squaring up edges to restore the lines of the stock and applying a new finish. We typically strive to duplicate factory finishes where possible but can apply any finish that you prefer. Finishes can be done with minimal fill all the way up to 100% fill. All colors are done with custom-mixed dyes to maximize the transparency of the detail and grain of the wood.

Finishes we offer:

  • Hand-Rubbed Oil Finish (from matte to satin to high-gloss)
  • Varnish (often the original finish on older firearms)
  • Lacquer (durable and often used on less expensive firearms)
  • Boiled Linseed Oil (our go-to finish for military firearms)
  • Catalyzed Polyurethane (a deep high-gloss finish often seen on newer Browning and Miroku firearms)

What we can do:

  • Modifications to Stocks/Forends
  • General Repairs
  • Traditional to Modern Finishes
  • Color Changes and Color Matching
  • Dent, Scratch and Damage Removal
  • Recutting/Freshening Existing Checkering
  • Replacing and Inletting of Stocks and Forends
  • Split, Crack and Chip Repair
  • Recoil Pad Installation
  • Stock Bedding

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Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen Shotgun, 16 ga, #4S33003

Winchester 1885 Winder Musket, 22 LR, #13082

Ithaca NID No. 4 SxS Trap Shotgun, 12 ga, #454000

Charles Daly Model 800 O-U Shotgun, 12 ga, #301843

General Pricing:

Bolt-Action/Single-Shot Rifles: $250-$450
Lever-Action Rifles: $250-$400
Shotguns (O/U, SxS): $250-$450
Shotguns (Autos): $250-$450