Why Sell With Us?

Here at Shooter’s Exchange, we can accept your collection on a consignment basis, or buy your collection outright.

Why you should consider selling your collection through Shooter’s Exchange.

The difference between us and every other competitor is that we always pay more for the guns, and sell them for higher prices. In fact, In the past six years we have paid our clients over $5 MILLION DOLLARS for their firearms! We work hard to ensure that we provide our clients with honest and professional representation. Once we have conducted thorough research, performed a professional appraisal, compiled written descriptions and taken professional photographs of your gun collection, the guns are placed in an internet auction with reserve minimums. These minimums are set by you to ensure that we will not sell the guns for less than you expect, taking current market value into consideration. We have developed a significant following of collectors and repeat buyers that watch our auctions and stay current with our inventory. We can say without hesitation that we can bring in the maximum return for your firearm compared to the other methods offered by competitors.

Why you should consider selling direct to Shooter’s Exchange.

For many, the process of selling a gun collection is both unfamiliar and difficult – even for collectors or hobbyists! Sometimes, the death of a family member or a special loved one makes the selling of a valued collection even more difficult. We can make the process as simple as possible and will always provide honesty, understanding, and integrity. We always provide you with the “Retail Value of the Weapon”, as well as the “Buy Now Price from Shooter’s Exchange.” We will always present you with all of your options and can help you come to the best decision. 


  • We can guarantee a minimum price you will receive. No surprises, just professionalism.
  • All potential buyers receive a full description including condition of wood, parts, and bore.
  • Our presentation is always supported by professional photos
  • We fully evaluate the value and the condition up front, prior to the sales agreement. No guess work. 
  • We are very upfront with our clients, and our clients always know what their firearm is worth, and what the minimum they will receive when the weapon is sold.
  • Our clients can track their listings on our sales sites, while the gun goes through the auction / sales process.

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