Firearm Restoration Services

Do you have a firearm that is in great mechanical condition but looks like it has seen better days?  Is that old gun that belonged to your grandfather sitting in the closet just gathering rust and dust?  Let Shooter’s Exchange restore that firearm and make it ready for the next 100 years!

Our restoration process starts with an initial function-check, a QC inspection for mechanical issues and an evaluation of bore condition.  The gun is then torn down for deep cleaning and further mechanical inspection.  The original finishes (wood and metal) are stripped and then work can begin on correcting damage, flaws, etc.  All metal and wood prep are done by hand with proper blocking so that sharp edges are preserved and flaws like wavy, rippled metal surfaces aren’t introduced.  Metal is grained using equivalent grits and directions used by the original manufacturer.

We restore/recondition many of the firearms that we resell and we also offer those same restoration services to our customers.

Our services include:

  • Charcoal and Bone Case-Coloring
  • Chemical Case-Coloring
  • Rust Bluing
  • Nitre Bluing, Straw Coloring, French Grey Finishes
  • Parkerizing
  • Re-Engraving Factory Markings and Proof Marks
  • Lengthen Shotgun Chambers and Forcing Cones
  • Shotgun Fixed Choke Alterations
  • Installation of Recoil Reduction Systems
  • Jeweling Services
  • Full Range of Wood Refinishing Services (See our Gunstock Refinishing page for more details)

Above and beyond basic shop tools and equipment we also have:

  • Industrial Sandblasting/Bead Blasting Booth
  • Standard and Rifle-Length Ultrasonic Cleaners
  • TIG, MIG and Oxyacetylene Welding
  • Lathe and Milling Capabilities
  • NSK Emax EVOlution Checkering Machine

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Colt SAA Early Smokeless, 45 LC, #288930

Steyr-Hahn M1912 Pistol, 9mm Steyr, #6104i

Winchester 1886 Takedown Rifle, 40-82, #106197

Schmidt-Rubin M1911 Carbine, 7.5 Swiss, #209184

General Pricing

Bolt-Action/Single-Shot Rifles

Standard Grade:  $250-$450
Semi-Dlx Grade:  $500-$650
Deluxe Grade:  $700-$900
Wood Only:  $250-$450

Lever-Action Rifles

Standard Grade Round Bbl: $550
Semi-Dlx Grade and/or Octagonal Bbl: $700
Deluxe Grade, Octagonal or Round Bbl: $850
Wood Only: $250-$400

Shotguns (O/U, SxS)

Standard Grade: $550
Semi-Dlx Grade: $700
Deluxe Grade: $950
Wood Only: $250-$450

Shotguns (Autos)

Standard Grade: $400
Semi-Dlx Grade: $550
Deluxe Grade: $650
Wood Only: $250-$450

Handguns (includes restoration of grips)

Antiques: Quoted per Firearm
C&R Rev/Pistols: Quoted per Firearm
Modern Rev/Pistols: $350-$600
Military Rev/Pistols: $350-$800

Prices are quoted per job. Prices are based upon your firearm being in reasonable working condition and needing only surface reconditioning or wood leveling followed by refinishing. Every firearm is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Deep pitting, cracks in wood, heavy rust, etc, can result in additional charges.


This turn-around time can be extended by repairs, problems with parts availability and additional services like restoring markings or case-coloring.

Please feel free to request photos of firearms similar to yours that we have restored. They may not show here but chances are we have restored something similar before and can provide you with some examples of that work.